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RIPI Launches Gas Processing Institute

Featured RIPI Launches Gas Processing Institute

Tehran (RIPI) – Iran's Research Center of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) has launched the Gas Processing Institute with the aim of developing and providing the technical savvy required for processes, widely-used chemicals and technological services of the gas industry.

This institute can be implemented in two phases: construction of the first phase, which concerns preparation and establishment of the necessary infrastructures, suitable operational mechanisms, allocation and equipping of the administrative-laboratory space and provides the executive master plan for the second phase, started in early 2017 and has already been completed.

Construction of the second phase, implementation of projects and research projects tailored to the needs of the country's gas industry, such as sweetening, sulfur recovery, and recycling flare gasses and emissions, is now on the agenda.

The Gas Processing Institute will carry out applied research projects through a research and study network of partner universities, domestic and foreign research centers, and domestic and foreign engineering and consulting firms.

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