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updated 09 August 2020 - 09:19

RIPI to Unveil 14 New Technological Achievements at Iran Nano 2016

Featured RIPI to Unveil 14 New Technological Achievements at Iran Nano 2016

Tehran, Oct 04 (RIPI) -- The Nano Research Center of the Research Center of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) is introducing 14 new achievements and technological sciences created and developed by the center at the Ninth International Nanotechnology Festival. Some nano-products that have been produced by different departments of the research center this year are also to be presented at the exhibition.

According to the RIPI's public relations office, the Nano Research Institute is working on nanotechnology to meet the petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries' need for research, aiming to achieve the technological science for the production of nano-materials and advanced tools.

For this purpose, the IRIP intends to introduce some of its most important achievements at Iran Nano 2016, including: the technological science of making stable nano-emulsion formulation out of nanoparticles for EOR purposes; the technological science of hydrocarbon vapor recovery system with nano-adsorbents; the technological science for the production of Corrosion inhibitors for oil and gas wells; performing field tests and the technological science of the formulation for nano-ins used in drilling fluid lubrication.

Some of the other achievements presented at the exhibition include the technological sciences of: the nano-ins formulation for shale inflation control and heat transfer in drilling fluids; producing blanket nano-insulation in pilot scale and successfully performing related field tests in Iran's oil-rich regions in the south; producing nano-insulation paint in pilot scale and performing related field tests; producing aqueous and oil and ethylene glycol-based nano-fluids in industrial scale; storing natural gas in ANG industrial scale by nano-adsorbents; producing nano-pads to remove oil stains.

The IRIP experts and researchers are also going to introduce the technological sciences of the formulation for producing gas nano-sensors for H2S; producing graphene and porous grapheme; producing nano-Carbone in industrial scale; formulation for Nano-adsorbents to remove chlorinated compounds.

Developing nanotechnology is one of the IRIP's missions. The Research Institute performs researches over the priorities of petroleum industry and the nano-structures it needs. Nano-meteric measuring and nano-molecular simulation are the other two missions of the IRIP.

Moreover, the needs of the petroleum industry and other industries that need nanotechnology are recognized in a systematic way, through research and technological projects. This is carried out through working with research centers and universities and later transferring the technological sciences to knowledge-based companies and then industrialization of the science. The Ninth International Nanotechnology Festival is held at the International Fairground, October 5-8. The RIPI booth is located in the Persian Gulf Hall. 


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