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updated 24 February 2020 - 07:45

RIPI Develops Iran's 1st Smart Sensor Controller

RIPI Develops Iran's 1st Smart Sensor Controller
TEHRAN, Jan. 05 (RIPI) -- Iran's Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) has developed the country's first smart dynamic device for assessing and optimizing selectivity of certain gases in the presence of other gases.
Hamideh Samari Jahromi, RIPI's researcher in charge of the project to develop the device, said the system is aimed at detecting pollutants in Iran's oil and gas rich regions which have grown very vulnerable to pollutions created during recovery of hydrocarbons from natural resources.
Jahromi said Iran as the world's 4th biggest producer of natural gas, needed to indigenize manufacture of pollution detectors and RIPI's move has long been called for by petroleum industrialists.
She said one of the key features of the new detector is that it can dynamically receive and analyze the data it receives from gas sensors and can detect pollutions in them.
The most important feature of this device is that it can measure gas sensors dynamically which is important for detection of emissions such as methane, benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, oxygen, volatile organic compounds, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and hydrogen sulfide which are the most important pollutants in the petroleum industry. Furthermore, the system can selectively characterize the sensor responses and digitally analyze and optimize the data it receives from the sensors.
The system is also capable of measuring the exact amount of gases in parts per million and instantaneously monitor important pollutants in industrial operations in oil and gas fields. It can also simulate environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and atmospheric gas in accordance with operating conditions based on the data it receives from the sensors.
For the time being, RIPI is preparing documents for registering the patent of the invention
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