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updated 24 February 2020 - 07:45

RIPI Program taps Persian Gulf, Oman Sea Energy Potentialities

TEHRAN, Jan. 24 (RIPI) -- The Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) has defined a project, dubbed as Persian Gulf Pearl, to identify untapped oil and gas potentialities of the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman.
Mohammad Reza Kamali, head of the upstream faculty of RIPI said on the sidelines of the 12th Kish International Energy Exhibition in Kish Island that Pearl of Persian Gulf project aims to identify the hydrocarbon source rocks of the gulf in order to discern the era oil and gas was trapped in the rocks.
Kamali said the aim of the project is to study using 3D modeling the existing hydrocarbon layers and to reconstruct the history of sediment deposition in the area since the Paleolithic era.
The $25.8-million Persian Gulf Pearl program has been very useful in estimating the quality and quantity of oil and gas trapped in the reserves, he said.
Furthermore, the program has showed that regions where former seismographic studies had ruled out the possibility of finding gas in them turned out to be rich with gas in deeper layers by the program.
The Pearl of the Persian Gulf exploits the latest developments in the fields of geophysics, petrophysics, geochemistry, and modeling to detect and recreate sedimentation processes in the basin of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea (6000 meters of width) from Paleozoic Era till now.
In the meantime, the findings of the Pearl of the Persian Gulf will be used to verify the oil and gas accumulation point in the stratum and block traps, confirm the geological chronologies, and classify potential hydrocarbon reservoirs for further explorations.
This research includes 80 geological structures, 17 fields, and 490 oil and gas fields which covers 183 thousand 500 square kilometers.
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