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updated 24 February 2020 - 07:45

Iran to Hold 9th Conference on Internal Combustion Engines, Oil


TEHRAN, Feb. 5 (RIPI) -- The Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) has scheduled a 3-day international conference on February 16-19 on internal combustion engines in oil industry.

The 9th Internal Combustion Engines and Oil Conference is aimed at providing a strategic document for fuel, dynamics and environmental concerns of internal combustion engines.

RIPI and Iran Society of Engine (ISE) have jointly arranged the event which will be mounted at RIPI's conference hall.

Representatives of globally renowned internal combustion engine industries from countries like Germany, Austria, Italy, South Korea and China are scheduled to take part in the conference.

Dr. Ralf Marquard from FEV company will be the keynote speaker of the conference. He will deliver a speech about the future of engines and automobiles in road transportation.

The German scholar will be followed by the representative of Austria's AVL and Germany's Bosch representative Dr. Tizez who will deliver speeches about the development of internal combustion engines, dynamics and diesel technologies based on future environmental considerations.

Biofuels, the strategy of fuel and dynamism in accordance with the principles of the Economy of Resistance, modern and clean fuels (biofuels, synthetic fuels, new additives), new engine technologies (hybrid, downsizing, turbo-charged and feedback, VVT, gasoline direct injection, compression ignition homogeneous, sterling, etc.) and ignition in internal combustion engines and control of emissions are some of the major topics of the conference.

On the sidelines of the conference two expert panels will be held where the quality of dynamics in domestic cars in Iran and methods to promote the quality of fuel consumption and its impact on engine's performance and environmental pollution will be discussed

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