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updated 24 February 2020 - 07:45

RIPI Introduces Advanced Corrosion Management Programs

RIPI Introduces Advanced Corrosion Management Programs





TEHRAN Nov. 23 (RIPI) -- The Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) has successfully devised and piloted 4 advanced corrosion detection and management software programs in a bid to reduce accidents and costs incurred on Iranian oil and gas companies by corrosion of oil and gas pipes and facilities, a RIPI official said.

Jaber Neshati, head of RIPI's Research Center of Industrial Preservation, introduced the programs in an interview with RIPI's public relations department, saying one of the programs assesses costs of corrosion management in oil and gas facilities which has been designed and piloted in Iran for the first time.

This second program has been developed based on the latest standards in pipeline corrosion risks, he said, adding that the program can be launched in real conditions as it has been piloted in numerous occasions and has proved practically a viable solution to detect corrosion in pipelines.

The third programs, Neshati added, is aimed at monitoring corrosion of pipelines and can be used to estimate the rate of corrosion of the facilities in an industrial scale.

The fourth program is a management tool for monitoring corrosion of the facilities in harsh and corrosive environments, he added. 

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