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updated 01 June 2020 - 08:44

Building Oil Centrifuges, Impressive Undertaking: Salehi

Building Oil Centrifuges, Impressive Undertaking: Salehi

In the ceremony of signing an agreement on Monday, May 30, 2016, for production of an ultracentrifuge held at Kharazmi Hall in the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, head of AEOI, Dr. Ali Akbar Salehi, announced that, “Nuclear industry will not only go on firmly in the nuclear field, but also make a good use of its experiences and knowledge to meet the needs of a host of other fields such as oil industry, health and agriculture.

"I feel glad to announce that we have taken important steps about cooperation between AEOI and Health Area, which are with the aim of meeting domestic needs as well as within the framework of Resistance Economy on which the Supreme Leader put emphasis," Salehi said.

This organization has realized one of its ambitious projects, that is, provision of 20 percent fuel, in an unbelievable manner and consequently Tehran reactor is up and running using the domestically-produced fuel which is regarded as a great achievement epitomizing ‘taking action based on willpower’”, he added

Pointing out that AEOI managed to provide the health area with centrifuges, as scarce dual-purpose facilities and technologies, Salehi went on to say, “Meeting the vaccine and new drug needs required advanced centrifuges and therefore the health area were provided with three of these kinds, which is considered as an honor to AEOI making a contribution to this area using its accumulated experiences and knowledge”.

Pointing to the memorandum of understanding between RIPI and AEOI inked on 5 April 2016, Salehi added that, “Both parties’ experts have already checked over each other’s equipment and therefore they are going to find ways in order for AEOI to offer its services to oil industry”.

Pointing out that centrifuge plays a key role in industry, Salehi said that, “Input material used in centrifuges in AEOI is gas, but it is liquid and solid as for the health area, which is looked on as a great experience for the country’s nuclear industry”.       





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