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updated 04 July 2020 - 07:23

RIPI & IFP Founded on a Basis

Deputy RIPI Head for Technology & Int'l Relations:

RIPI & IFP Founded on a Basis

 TEHRAN, July 19 (RIPI) -- Deputy Head of the Technological and International Relations Department of the Research Center of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) Seyed Amir Abbas Hosseini said on Tuesday, July 19, that all the IFP

subsidiaries are the focus of the RIPI-IFP Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Hosseini said the MoU envisions three fields of upstream, downstream and environment protection.

The RIPI and the IFP were established about 60 years ago in Iran and France on a single basis within a short span of time in order for technological development.

He referred to areas of cooperation between RIPI and the IFP and said the RIPI cooperation in the upstream sector concerns enhanced recovery and technological studies on Yadavaran field.

In the downstream sector, the IFP group and its subsidiaries will be the RIPI partner in sweetening of gas and removal of water and soil pollutants as well as sewage treatment and water management in the oil industry.

Energy and environment protection are other areas of cooperation between the RIPI and the IFP.

"We hope that in the new atmosphere, education for development of the E&P companies will be in accordance with the new oil contracts and education relating to the oil industries related specialized forces," he concluded.



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