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updated 16 September 2020 - 08:54

Curtin University Professors visits RIPI

Featured Curtin University Professors visits RIPI

TEHRAN, Sept 28 (RIPI) -- Researchers and professors from Australia's Curtin University visited the Downstream Campus of the Research Institute of the Petroleum Industry (RIPI) on September 25, aiming to continue with their collaborations in the future.

"This group of experts is visiting our Institute to give us consultations over the oilfields given to us by the Ministry of Petroleum. We are going to work together on issues related to EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) technologies and optimization of production," said Mohammareza Kamali, the head of the RIPI Upstream Campus.

He emphasized on the importance of the exchange of students and professors between the two centers in order to improve their scientific and technological levels. "This university can help us with the issues and projects given to us by the Petroleum Industry and thus we can get rid of the deficiencies we might have in some sections," Kamali explained.

In this visit, Professor Andris Stelbovics, the Pro Vice-Chancellor of Curtin University called the facilities at the RIPI very impressive. "Today's visit was vey interesting and amazing. I was impressed by all the research activities taking place at this campus," Stelbovics stated.

"As some of the experts working at the RIPI Upstream Campus are graduates from Curtin University, further collaborations in the future are to be done easily," he added.

"In Curtin University, most of the activities are concentrated upon upstream issues, especially those related to oil and gas. Many of the activities done at the RIPI also are in the same direction," said the Vice-Chancellor, adding, "The interactions between Curtin University and the RIPI are going to be very effective when doing research activities at top standard levels

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