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updated 07 February 2021 - 07:34

RIPI Inks Deal on Geological Studies with Khazar E&P Co.

Featured RIPI Inks Deal on Geological Studies with Khazar E&P Co.

TEHRAN, Sept 25 (RIPI) – The Research Center of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) has signed a deal with the Khazar Exploraiton and production Company aimed at geological studies.

An agreement over surface geology studies on Gorgan and Gonbad fields was signed on September 25, by Farhang Khatibi, the head of Khazar Exploration and Production Company, and Hamidreza Katoozian, the chief of the RIPI.

"Agreements like this create a closer relationship and a better collaboration between some of the great units in the petroleum industry, through which the organizations find an opportunity to get a better understanding of each other," said Farhang Khatibi, expressing consent over hosting one of the most regarded and valuable units in the petroleum industry.

Referring to the agreement, Khatibi stated that his company is willing to use the professional skills of the experts at the Research Institute of the Petroleum Industry. "We hope the agreement results in achieving our goals in our explorations in the areas mentioned in the deal, and that the first phase of the work is done pretty well," he said.

The head of the Research Institute emphasized that the institute will try as hard as possible to meet the goals of the project. "I have seen from close the nonstop endeavor of the staff and experts at Khazar Exploration and Production Company. The Research Institute is also the biggest research and development center in the petroleum industry and a top level research institute in the Middle East. The Institute is now very well-known and outstanding due to having direct and indirect collaborations with different organizations which have increased its capabilities and capacities to a great extent," Katoozian added.

He later stated that the Research Institute of the Petroleum Industry intends to work with other organizations in the industry to develop and localize the projects. "Being selected at this tender and working with Khazar Exploration and Production Company is an honor for our institute," said he, adding, "we are going to appoint a group of the most skillful members to work at this project, and hope to do it in the best quality and in time.

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